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RX200 & Ghost Imaging

Postby dubliner99 » Wed Nov 03, 2004 13:57

<BR>Can anyone shed any light on the following problem I am encountering pre-racked RX200 servers please;-<P>Initial image developed via:-<P>Server Started (V5.410)<BR>Windows 2003 STD<BR>AIC-7902B hostRAID<BR>2 x U320 36.4Gb<P>All installed OK and to be used as a base image to "Ghost" onto the other same spec servers. Sysyprep it and can reload back onto original machine but not any other machine. Seems to POST boot OK, get one quick display of the W2003 Splash Screen then it reboots and repeats.<P>I've tried Sysyprep.exe - BMSD to get it to populate the sysprep.inf file itself, again to no avail. Comes up with a registry error - "unable to complete sysprep operation"<P>Does anyone have a pre-populated sysprep.inf file? Or any other information that can asist?<P>Many thanks,<P>Al.<BR>

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