Problem in going into BIOS

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Problem in going into BIOS

Postby Kubikszon » Thu Jan 16, 2020 17:56

I've recently bought a PRIMERGY RX300 S4 server. I've cleaned it and turned it on, and went into BIOS without any problem. Then I changed CMOS battery and server does not boot to BIOS any longer. This server has aftermarket memory installed (FB-DIMM, 4GB, 667MHz, made by Kingston) and only 3 fans instead of 4. Additionally when powered on it sits on Fujitsu logo without any text (no option to go to BIOS) and shuts down approx. 5 minutes after powering it on. When it is started while I am holding ID button it sits on Fujitsu logo as well. Is it a fan problem or it's something else?

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