Esprimo P710 ram settings?

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Esprimo P710 ram settings?

Postby Gnyff » Wed Dec 25, 2019 21:45

I've started messing with one of our old Fujitsu Esprimo P710 E85+ computers. (D3161-A12 GS 3
mainboard). But I can't find any BIOS settings for the memory and the "System Information" always reports the modules are only running 1333Mhz (and no mention of dual-channel). I've upgraded the BIOS (from v1.19 to v1.23) and tried different 1600Mhz modules - all to no avail. :cry:
However, the system and processor should both support 1600Mhz ram speed...
What am I missing?

PS: The supply is a bit weak and miss connectors for proper graphics cards. But I'm not certain the 16 pin mainboard connector is standard ATX? (The supply certainly is not - but with some metal work there's space for a standard supply! ;-)

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