Lifebook LH532 percent charging nit increase

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Lifebook LH532 percent charging nit increase

Postby Dilifatur » Mon Dec 09, 2019 13:12

I ran my lifebook LH532. From beginning no problem my LH532 7 years without problem. Yesterday my battery 41% i connect the charger to my LH532 increase until 52% suddenly % charging icrease stop. I unplugged charger from my LH532 then my LH532 turn off . I push power button nothinh hapoen. I plugged again to my LH532 then strart normal but my LH532 niw depend on the charger. When i unplugged charger my LH532 turn off. I uninstalled driver battery. Nothing happen. Hard reset nothing happen. Can anyone help to resolve my problem? Before i replace with a new battery

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