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Product(s): Fujitsu Primergy TX140 S1p Tower Server i3-3220 3.3GHz 8GB Ram

Primergy TX140 S1p

Postby jeffdvo » Fri Jul 26, 2019 0:53

Primergy TX140 S1p Tower Server i3-3220 3.3GHz 8GB Ram 3 x (hot swap) caddies

The PCI raid controller and SATA Connection arrangements don't fit in with my needs!


1. Install a PCIe SATA controller 2 port, available at boot for a system disk
Install 2.5 HDD or SSD as system disk - mount in spare drive bay
Fit extra 1 TB drive and use Raid 5 in the 3 hot swap bays.

2. Remove the raid controller and back plane and then install a PCIe SATA contoller with 4 ports, available to boot from?
Then have option of 4 x independent drives / disks

3. Install a 2.5 or SSD as system disk in spare drive bay, use the connections intended for optical drives. Use the PCI raid for my data drives, would need extra 1 TB drive for raid 5

I think option 3 would do the job nicely but I'm open to suggestions!

Background Info:-

The TX140 S1p is a replacement for my very old Econel S2, which needs a new power supply! The server is used at home just to provide network shares for my Windows desktops, laptops, iPad and 'Droid tablets and phones.

I played with "Web Bios" and managed to get 3 independent disks (1 x system & 2 x Data), I found the concept of having to boot from a virtual drive to be a little strange but confirmed all working using spare drives.

Rebuilt the "raid" using my "live" disks (160GB system, 2 x 1TB data), Installed CentOS 7 minimal and all seemed to be working fine. Installed samba and left overnight. Rebooted this morning and I could no longer access my data drives. They were listed in lsblk but had no UUID. After spending all day playing, it seems that the data drives have lost the "partition" info. I popped the drives out and used a USB bridge to hang them, in turn, on to my CentOS 7 laptop and the disk utility reports that both drives are part of a RAID. I couldn't mount the drives or access the data, only option was to format. Fortunately, I have both data drives backed up.

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