Replacing CMOS Battery on Esprimo Q920 lunchbox PC

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Replacing CMOS Battery on Esprimo Q920 lunchbox PC

Postby cranhpc » Thu Jun 20, 2019 16:45

My Q920 appears to require replacement of the CMOS Lithium battery

The Documentation on the hardware that I have available (Mainboard Description D3223/D3233), shows that the battery is on the same side of the mainboard as the CPU


It is easy to get at the other side of the mainboard but after you remove the DVD drive to access the CPU side of the mainboard, it is very unclear how to expose the latter as it is covered by continuous tinware.

Has anyone ever replaced the CMOS battery on an Esprimo "lunchbox" PC and if so how did you get to that side of the mainboard? Irritatingly, the manual above describes how to change a processor but does not say how you get to it in the first place. It must be feasible but without guidance I'm very reluctant to experiment!



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