Reinstalling Windows 10 on an A357

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Reinstalling Windows 10 on an A357

Postby Neil » Tue Jun 04, 2019 18:53

About to embark on this using a Windows 10 image downloaded onto USB from the Microsoft support pages (after stupidly not creating a recovery drive :oops: ).

Any tips before I start?

I have a Fujitsu installation CD-ROM and a "drivers and utilities" one - though the system couldn't find any drivers on there when I previously tried using those two disks to do the re-install...



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Re: Reinstalling Windows 10 on an A357

Postby nicoursi » Tue Feb 11, 2020 22:40

With windows 10 you don't need to manually download and install drivers anymore, they get installed by the first update. Make sure Windows update is working (win key + I, then system updates). If it's not working, you have to troubleshoot that first.

And of course, reboot to apply updates :) Normally, drivers updates are the first ones to get installed

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