Amilo xi 3650 on win 10 Help needed

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Amilo xi 3650 on win 10 Help needed

Postby Aislingeanbeag » Tue May 14, 2019 21:48

I am very new to This old notebook
I have inherited from a deceased estate a fully operational [well nearly] Xi 3650 with twin 500gb hdds 4gb ram and all the original hardware . The display is on 1960 and the running man does not seem to do anything The hdds are not in a raid array and each is seen separately the remote control does not seem to do anything except flash its led when buttons are pressed
I assume that the drivers installed by windoze are insufficient but where can I find a complete set of compatible drivers?
Any drivers I find will undoubtedly be out dated by windoze so will need spoofing into place and I know it can be done but instruction would be welcome
I am now going to strip the back off in order to retrieve the no2 drive caddy retaining screw which has slipped down the hole and is rattling about inside the case.
Wish I had read the internet warning before I took out the drives!

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