Mainboard D2179-R1 - Highest possible CPU?

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Mainboard D2179-R1 - Highest possible CPU?

Postby Patty » Wed Apr 24, 2019 17:58

Dear members,

I have a Fujitsu Siemens D2179-R1 mainboard. I want to use the highest possible CPU in normal stepping - should that not be the Intel Pentium D 945 SL9QB (2 x 3,4 GHz)? I have even flashed the BIOS via diskette to version R1.09.2179.R1. But when starting the computer with that CPU, after a short while the fan of the power supply begins to become louder and louder even when not running any programs.

Someone meant, that this is possibly due to the use of that 2 x 3,4 GHz CPU with 95W. In the product sheet from November 2005 it is said that the Econel 100 servers are delivered with the Pentium D 820 CPU. But both the 820 and 945 CPU have the same TDP (95W).

The Pentium D 945 is from nearly the same time (according to Intel) and so I think it should also suit?

If definitely not, what is the highest possible Pentium D CPU?

Maybe anyone can help me. Thanks in advance!

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