Battery charging update tool

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Battery charging update tool

Postby tomlins » Mon Apr 08, 2019 18:51

My laptop starts to download the tool then I get a message telling me there is a more up to date version but won't point me to it and then fails
My laptop is on windows 7 and is a life book A series AH530
It is just a vicious circle as I can't get rid of the message telling me to to download the software

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Re: Battery charging update tool

Postby nicoursi » Tue Feb 11, 2020 22:48

You can always apply a bios upgrade by downloading it from the fujitsu website. Normally the FREEDOS way is the safer one, as a bloated Windows System (with many apps running or with lots of bloatwares) could interfere with the process and brick your bios.

I don't know about AH530 but the battery BIOS update on A544 brings back a very annoying constant 80% CPU load.

If you want to upgrade, just make sure the CPU usage is normal before the upgrade, and it stays so after it. Otherwise be prepared to downgrade :) Downgrade is possible, so don't worry :)

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