Meltdown / Spectre BIOS Update for Esprimo Q900

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Meltdown / Spectre BIOS Update for Esprimo Q900

Postby annabelle » Fri Jan 26, 2018 11:53


although I have little hope of receiving any official response in this forum, I will give it a try:

In the list of devices affected by the Meltdown & Spectre vulnerabilities ( ... 43fdf5ee57) the Esprimo Q900 isn't listed, although its Core-i* CPUs have this vulnerability. Same for the Esprimo Q9000 by the way. Will there be a BIOS update or will Fujitsu leave these systems vulnerable?

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Re: Meltdown / Spectre BIOS Update for Esprimo Q900

Postby -=Mr B=- » Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:06

Just going of what every other manufacturer are doing... No. No, there will be no updates for a device this old.
My NEWEST system is equipped with the same era CPU, so generally from the same time frame. Out of the 7 different system, or motherboard manufacturers i've been in contact with, 100% have confirmed that there will be no update. I have to admit, i haven't actually asked these guys... Whats the point. Ask, and die still not knowing, 6 years later...

For what it's worth tho. Just keep up with OS, and possible software updates, and it's not really an issue anyway.

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