Esprimo C5731 Microcode update

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Esprimo C5731 Microcode update

Postby Lidocain » Thu Jan 05, 2017 14:40


im using BIOFLASH EXE. to update microcodes but
when im using bioflash /p6() *
the result is:
- illegal option
*i used filenamme, patch id, etc.. between brackets but no success.

Can anyone explain how to use "bioflash /p6()" command? (Insert any microcode, independent of the installed CPU)

BIOFLASH filename.OMF | filename.OCF | filename.ENC

filename.OMF BIOS image, BIOS module or CMOS update file
filename.OCF Packed BIOS image update file

/ARCHIVE Create archive files of BIOS and CMOS
/AUTO Search for a suitable BIOS OMF-file in current directory
/CAUTO Search for a suitable CMOS OMF-file in current directory
/CMOS Create a cmos archive file: Cxxxx_xx.OMF
/INFO Display system and BIOS information
/NORESET No reset after flash device is programmed
/U Update only if installed BIOS is out-of-date
/Y Answer 'YES' in advance to any prompt
/KEY() Use a specific key for encrypted files
/NOP6 No implicit auto-update for CPU microcode patch area
/P6 Explicit auto-update for CPU microcode patch area
/P6() Insert any microcode, independent of the installed CPU :shock:
/X16MB(n) Force bioflash.exe to move its buffers in memory n*16MB
Avoid collisions with RAMDRIVE, LAN remote boot, etc.
/MODULE(X,YY) Module update X=PtlClass(ascii) YY=AbgClass(hex)
/NOAPI Use the Bioflash plug-in file instead of BIOS API

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