No XP Pro sound

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No XP Pro sound

Postby BJGreene » Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:20

Scaleo P running dual boot XP Pro & Ubuntu. Sound perfect on Ubuntu but not on XP. I have followed every link and every conceivable suggestion (replacing, rolling back drivers). Frustrated in the xtreme I took an old HDD reformatted it and started from scratch with Recovery CDs and reinstallation. STILL NO SOUND! I can see the sound inputs on bargraphs - I just cannot hear anything. What sort of hardware fault would cause this? Do I STILL have the wrong driver? If so which one should it be please.
Anyone who can help me solve this would have my unending admiration and thanks.
In fact I have done even more. I took an old Snapshot (ISO image) of my XP system (when it did have sound) and installed THAT on another HDD. It boots, everything works - but, you've guessed it already, - NO SOUND OUTPUT! I will just remind you that running UBUNTU produces perfect sound from all speaker outputs.

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