How to Update BIOS under Windows 10

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How to Update BIOS under Windows 10

Postby fluendy » Mon Jan 18, 2016 16:29

I have ab Q510 and have updated it to Windows 10. I am getting blue screen crashed with the message clock watchdog timeout. I have updated everything I can bar the BIOS as I cannot work out how to do this under Windows 10 as the update programme does not support Windows 10.

I have downloaded the 64 bit BIOS for Windows 10 from the support page but I get I get the message:

DeskView client instant is a command line utility which requires setting of parameters. To obtain a LIST OF AVALIABLE PARAMETERS READ THE DESKVIEW CLIENT USER MANUAL OR "BIOSSET.EXE/?"

I have installed DeskView but it is not easy to use and I have not been able to update the BIOS with it.

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Re: How to Update BIOS under Windows 10

Postby Venosaur » Thu Jul 27, 2017 13:08

You should find on the web bios update by windows and than update without Desk.


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