I cant create bios update usb bootable flash stcik?

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I cant create bios update usb bootable flash stcik?

Postby kenano77 » Wed Aug 05, 2015 18:07

We have one D2950-A11 GS2 desktop pc... I think I flush the bios and erase something on bios after that pc cant open... The screen starting I can see that writing , I access the setup but the pc cant continue to starting... The screen go black only and I cant see anything on screen...
Soo I cant formatting the windows, I cant do anyting when the screen is only black?
I thing may be if I update the bios pc can start...
I download bios update exe from yours site... I try to write it on flash usb stick but i cant because i receive this message:
" Reconnect of usb device failed.
Please close all application accessing the device.
Device started "
I dont know which appliccation I must stop to do this flash????
How I can create this usb disk???
Or what do you think? What is the pc problem? Why pc cant start only stay on black screen?
How I can resolve the problem?
Thank you.

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Re: I cant create bios update usb bootable flash stcik?

Postby Silver347 » Wed Sep 05, 2018 9:30

Hi, I had the same experience with the program myself so here's what I did:

1.Download flashable BIOS from USB
2.Download and install 7-zip
3.Unzip the USB Program (USBImage)
4.You should get the IMG. file and the program itself from extracting (ignore the text file in it)
5.Download Win32DiskImager
6.Put your formatted USB device in the PC
7.Put the IMG. file in IMAGE FILE category then select USB device in DEVICE category
8.Select WRITE option once you are done with step 6. and 7. (Ignore the warning which says that your USB might get corrupted)
9.Once copying is done eject safely USB by going in MY COMPUTER and right clicking the USB,select EJECT option.
10.Restart the PC
11.Go to the BIOS setup option
12.Switch to BOOT option (with your keyboard) then put USB as first bootable device
13.Then go to EXIT option (I believe) then choose SAVE AND EXIT
14.The enter BOOT MENU (I think it's called that way in your PC) by pressing F12 or F8 continously
15.Once inside choose your USB to boot up
16.Follow the simple instructions and thats it.

PS. Sorry for not making this any shorter but I wanna make sure that this works as It did for me.

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