USB front connector for SCENIC L

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USB front connector for SCENIC L

Postby Hanjos » Mon Sep 08, 2014 9:41

I've a SCENIC L i845G from 2002 with a D1387 motherboard. The PC works great, even with WIN 7 (non aero), in a small home-network with an up-to-date ESPRIMO. Now for convenience only I would like to upgrade the oldie with that formerly available tiny Dual-USB-Front expansion board which could be installed behind and instead of the small plastic cover to the right of the 3,5"-drive. With Google I found two possible part-numbers S26361-F2438-L110 or -L210. Does anyone knows which one of the two numbers is correct for the above Scenic? The Scenic L-manuals only cover the installation of the device, nothing more and unfortunately there is no picture around in the web - ok I don't find it :wink: - and no source where to buy it.

Appreciating any helpful hint, Hajo

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Re: USB front connector for SCENIC L

Postby goddesszoe » Thu Feb 19, 2015 15:32

I've seen L210 being used before. I think that is correct.

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