BX600 management blade pwd reset

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BX600 management blade pwd reset

Postby asltcheng » Thu Apr 24, 2014 2:16

Hi all,

I need to reset the root password of a Management Blade but did not find any documentation or Website with the procedure. No way to access it. Any idea?

Thank you.

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Re: BX600 management blade pwd reset

Postby elsie » Tue May 06, 2014 10:07

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Re: BX600 management blade pwd reset

Postby butragueno » Sun Mar 15, 2015 20:13

I have the same problem.
I'v read the line on the page 89.

The "Administrators" group is divided into four permission levels:
Full Administrator – System Administrator – I/O Administrator – System Viewer.
The default user name is "admin" with password "admin" and the permission
level "Full Administrator".
The first default user cannot be deleted and the permission cannot be changed,
but the name and password can and should be changed.
IThe HW-DIP-4 can be used to set the first user’s name/password back to
the default."

Can someone help me with this sentence: "The HW-DIP-4 can be used to set the first user’s name/password back to
the default." What am I supposed to do?

I suppose I should move DIP (Dual In-line Package) switch from:
OFF - Delete password disabled to
ON - Delete password enabled.
Has anyone done this before?

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Re: BX600 management blade pwd reset

Postby prostopasta » Fri Oct 30, 2015 11:19

Hope you already solved your issue. But anyway - you can reset in the same way any other MMB from both BX600, BX400 and BX900 generations. You turn the DIP-4 to ON and then put the MMB blade to the chassis with just 1 MMB at a time (not both MMB!). After it will boot - firmware will load default config with default login/password and after you could reach the MMB with default admin/admin - you should switch the DIP-4 back to OFF position. Hope it helps anyone else!

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Re: BX600 management blade pwd reset

Postby molschimke » Thu Mar 19, 2020 14:42

I tried this - however, the admin account seems to be disabled before and after reset:

"This user had been disabled, please contact with administrators!"

Tried DIP 2,3 & 4 to get it back to factory settings.

Or could I have done anything wrong? Setting DIP 2 OR 3 OR 4, turn off chassis, insert MMB, turn on chassis, try to connect (IP works, login prompt appears on HTTP, Telnet provides the above message after admin/admin login attempt).

Any idea?


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