Q702 WWAN/Disassembly instructions

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Q702 WWAN/Disassembly instructions

Postby NXTwoThou » Thu Dec 13, 2012 15:04

Has anyone successfully installed an MC8355 card into the Q702? We talked to support before pulling the trigger on getting a Q702 because of the terrible quality control issues Samsung is having with the ATIV Smart PC Pro, and the Fujutsu tech assured us that the Q702 already had the antenna, it just needed the card. The driver download site has drivers for the MC8355, so we went ahead and ordered a Q702 and got the card. Support initially said we could send in our unit and card and they would install it, now they are saying they won't do that. They also won't provide disassembly instructions so we could safely install it ourselves. Anyone have any success getting their Q702 to have cell service?

Otherwise, the machine is amazing. Exactly what my boss was looking for and if we can get this cell thing figured out, rolled out to all our salesmen. The lack of windows 8 is annoying, but a days worth of installing updates, upgrading to 8, installing more updates(the reviews that talked about returning the tablet because buttons weren't working? Well, its easy, look at add/remove programs, if it says updated 8/6/2012, you need to uninstall and then reinstall, because it didn't properly update). The machine is insanely fast, reasonably light weight, great battery life, the pen is very smooth and responsive, touch screen and mouse pad responsive with real hardware clicky keys for mouse, great connectivity to both hdmi and vga.

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