Maximum SD card size on Q550

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Maximum SD card size on Q550

Postby Code Breaker » Tue Nov 06, 2012 19:24

Hi All, can anyone confirm the maximum SD card size and class of card suitable to the Q550?

I am saddened as only a few weeks ago I formatted the puny 30GB hard drive, and yet without installing any other third party software, the drive is almost full again! What fills it up in Windows? I even stopped the updates now :(

Seems like I have little choice but to either buy a specific (as apparently they are unique) Hard Drive £?? (anyone?), or use an SD card to create a little side storage.

Even then, it still doesn't help me when it comes to the time the current Hard Drive becomes full again. :?

I think the 30GB option was short sighted of Fujistu.

Also, is it possible to install Windows to the SD card and boot from it, rendering the Hard Drive as storage?
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