Scenic E620 dont start

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Scenic E620 dont start

Postby slobov » Wed Oct 31, 2012 11:41


I have Scenic E620 but and wont start up, just cooler are starting but motherboard not.
There was 2 bad caps i change them,but the problem is still remains.
Do you have some solution for this problem?

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Re: Scenic E620 dont start

Postby walter123 » Thu Nov 01, 2012 23:13

I had the same problem with in total 4 Scenic E620: always there are 3 bad caps on the mainboard D1844 (look to the mainboard: there should be a bad black cap in the near of the 2 other bad caps). Always the same: changing of the caps doesn't help.

My solution: buy a used mainboard D1844 in the internet, e. g. at ebay. It costs appr. 20 Euro here in Germany.
Before buying another board, please check whether the RAM is still working: sometimes the RAM is also broken.
When you have time, change the caps on the new board: Fujitsu seems to have bought caps for D1844 which are not reliable.

Perhaps someone knows what is broken is addition to the caps - I've 4 boards whichs wants to be repaired ;-)

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