Esprimo P5616 micro-BTX mainboard upgrade

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Esprimo P5616 micro-BTX mainboard upgrade

Postby MagnifiKat » Mon Oct 29, 2012 23:11

Greetings from Ireland! I have immediate need replace and to UPGRADE the now-old, original, D2461-B micro-BTX mainboard in my Fujitsu Siemens “Esprimo” P5616 Professional desktop PC.

Can some kind knowledgeable folks please advise me:-

1. Are Fujitsu still manufacturing micro-BTX mainboards/motherboards?

2. If so, what please are now the most up-to-date micro-BTX mainboards (with processor Socket AM2 and nVIDIA chipsets), which would be fully compatible with the now discontinued D2461-B TPM board? And also, please, with its sister: the non-TPM D2461-A board?

3. Kindly advise me reference number(s) of any and all such compatible mainboards, whether indeed from Fujitsu or from other top-grade named manufacturers; and ideally with website links to enable me follow up and soonest purchase new, repeat NEW.

Thank you very kindly. Any help offered will be very, very much appreciated!

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