Lifebook 735Dx locked ?

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Lifebook 735Dx locked ?

Postby Harvey L. McRae » Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:31

I have just had a Lifebook 735Dx given to me. When I go to open the cover, the right hinge appears to be locked. You can force the hinge to open with great difficulty. In fact I have cracked the plastic in the housing around the screen. On page 7 in the manual it shows a "Theft Prevention Lock Slot" I did not receive anything such as a Key, and the people I got it from say it has always been hard to open. When I asked about the "Lock" they replied they never knew anything about a lock slot.

What suggestions can you give me to help free up this hinge.. Is there something that I can use to act as a Key to try and unlock if in fact it is locked. OR if it was in fact locked would it even be possible to force it open. Is it just siezed for some reason.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Harvey, in Kelowna, BC. Canada.

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