D2156-A11 ** no SATA Mode **

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D2156-A11 ** no SATA Mode **

Postby JamesGarner » Mon Oct 24, 2011 12:50


I've got an older but unused D2156-A11 Motherboard, equipped with 2GB Ram, P4 3GHz and one DVD-ROM drive is connected to the ATA Port. My problem is that none of my SATA HDDs (different models from old 70GB SATA 1 HDDs to state of the art 3TB SATA II HDDs) will run in SATA mode - only PIO4/UDMA6. The BIOS is set to SATA NATIVE. Further no HDD will report the SMART status.

All tests were made with Ubuntu 10.10 32bit in live mode (from DVD) but the PIO4/UDMA6 mode will be reported already during POST so I don't think it is a problem of the OS itself.

Any suggestions?


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