Pa 3553 Assembly

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Pa 3553 Assembly

Postby CryptoCanedv2 » Fri Feb 18, 2011 2:42

I took my amilo pa 3553 apart yesterday and now i cant figure out how to plug all of the stuff back in without having psychic powers.
if youve taken one apart youll know what i mean about some of the cables being in awkward places. if you could forward me to a manual for dis/reassembly that would be amazing.

first i took out all of the screws and took the little speaker cover off.
second i unplugged all of the ribbons and wires from the motherboard.
third i cant figure out how to get the keyboard off it looks pretty solidly stuck in there with sticky tape.
fourth i can now not fathom how to put it back together so am left with a screen and top case with the motherboard and bottom case separate.

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