[P2511] No signal monitor going to sleep - hardware problem?

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[P2511] No signal monitor going to sleep - hardware problem?

Postby japansociety » Wed May 12, 2010 10:48

Our office purchased 5 fujitsu computers in 2007, product model Esprimo Edition P2511. Of these 5, 3 of them are all experiencing the same problem.

During normal office work e.g. running MS Office 2003 ad outlook etc, the monitor display goes into sleep mode randomly and without warning. Displaying error 'No signal monitor going to sleep'

Once the monitor goes to sleep, no mouse movement or keyboard action will allow the displayt to resume. Also, the computer will not reset or turn off if you hold down the power button manually. The only way to switch off the computer is to unplug at the mains, wait a short while and plug in again. Clearly this is hugely frustrating as data is lost from the previous login, due to unexpected shutdown, and inability to save work once the display has been lost.

We have tried changing monitors and consequently the VGA cable, also different sockets and/or plug in the office

Since the problem is now arising on several of these machines, we would greatly appreciate some advice!


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Re: [P2511] No signal monitor going to sleep - hardware prob

Postby freddiel » Tue Sep 28, 2010 15:29

I am happy to have found this problem is not only affecting me.
I have 4 Esprimo Edition P2511 bought in December 2007 so under three years ago. All of them are now unusable due to this issue or freezing and having to pull the power cable out.
I have clean installed three of them and changed power supplies but it makes no difference. Two machines will hardly boot to the XP desktop before freezing whilst the other two may work for anything between 30 minutes to 3 hours.


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Re: [P2511] No signal monitor going to sleep - hardware prob

Postby LAntti » Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:49

I also have had this same problem for one month. Machine is running vista and this very frustrating problem causes harm. I would be very thankful for good tips to solve this. Has enyone done bios update or driver updates and results for them?

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Re: [P2511] No signal monitor going to sleep - hardware prob

Postby orfc » Wed Oct 27, 2010 19:50

motherboard failure due to bad caps is the most likely explanation - http://news.cnet.com/PCs-plagued-by-bad-capacitors/2100-1041_3-5942647.html

I've got the same problem, reinstalled windows, replaced psu, memory, swapped video cards - no diff. And i've noticed the large blue capacitors on my board have crowned, indiciating failure

What i need to know, and someone else has asked on this forum, is where can i get a replacement board for the d2660-a1 motherboard found in p2511. This uses a microbtx motherboard form, and these seem to way way less common than micro-atx. Any ideas here?

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Re: [P2511] No signal monitor going to sleep - hardware prob

Postby geniohw » Fri Nov 18, 2011 10:31

Hi to anyone that loves me.
I have an Esprimo D2660. The monitor was going in sleep mode and I need it to shut down the PC and restart it. The graphic was freezing or misbehaving at times since one day the computer did not start.
I am a licenced computer technician. Upon removing the cooling block over a small processor hat could be the graphic processor (sorry but I have no booklet except the CD that comes with the PC) I have realized that there was a squared piece of foam beyween the cooling block and the processor. Such foam is higher then the processor and that can prevent good contact with the cooling block. Also, the contact paste being used is not good enough as it gets too dry compared to the traditional one in silver colour and with metal microparts in it. I am still looking to see if this is the graphic processor and I willlet you know it. However this mistake should have required a factory recall.

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