How to complain from the Fujitsu Support?

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How to complain from the Fujitsu Support?

Postby jsb » Tue Feb 23, 2010 15:35


I have a AMILO Desktop La 3425 that is less than 1 year old and 3 weeks ago I had to send it to the repair service, since I was not able to turn it on anymore (no signal, no beeps, nothing).

From this time on I have basically 2 complains about the Fujitsu Support:
- Besides the fact that they promise in the Website and in the Warranty papers an English speaking service here in Germany, I was never able to find anybody that could speak English
- They found what is wrong with my computer, but they are not able to give me an idea when it will be repaired (1 week, 1 month, ...)

So, wold like to know if somebody else with the AMILO Desktop La 3425 had the same problem and if you have an official e-mail from Fujitsu to complain about the no English and no Information provided



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