CD/DVD burner not working well, is it possible to clean it?

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CD/DVD burner not working well, is it possible to clean it?

Postby qwak » Wed Sep 02, 2009 14:13

My V5535 stopped burning the DVDs. I bought a CD lens cleaner and run it. Then it worked but it is making a lot of noise and I notice that it is slow and not the same.

Is it possible to clean the lens?

By the way. I called Fujitsu and they said that the guarantee only covers 1 year (I have it 1 year and 5 months). In Spain by law every electronic product must have 2 years guarantee. It is amazing. I am going to sue Fujitsu for this. I spoke with my lawyer from the Consumer Protection Organization and said it is completely illegal. I wonder how Fujitsu is doing this against the SPanish law. EVen more funny, they say that this V5535 is a "professional" equipment, and that professional equipments only have 1 year guarantee... That's so hilarious. First of all the SPanish law makes no "profesional" or "amateur" distinction whatsoever, and second it is plain and simple when it says 2 years, period.

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