Enable Write Back Caching in HD MAT3147NC

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Enable Write Back Caching in HD MAT3147NC

Postby corsaro77 » Thu Apr 23, 2009 17:23


I have a question: How can I enable Write Back Caching on my SCSI HD?
Model is MAT3147NC
I'm using the SCSI controller LSILogic 20320-HP and its bios have only two function (Change ID/Tape based on button disaster recovery)... You have any idea how can I perform this operation?
Is possibible that I have to upgrade HD drivers. Now I'm using Windows XP drivers.

Thank you!!!

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Re: Enable Write Back Caching in HD MAT3147NC

Postby me@work » Mon May 04, 2009 14:06

Since you tell us you're using WinXP drivers, I'd assume you're also running this OS. There, you have to open Device Manager, select the disk under Disk Drives, search the settings tab (the 2nd one, Rules, I guess), and enable the options you would like to set for this device.

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