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Drivers for JETSON@home

Postby gacek » Thu Dec 08, 2005 15:42

Hi, I`m Maciek<P>I bought second hand PC JETSON@home D A1.2 SFF -1/0<P>I`m looking for all drivers for this machine. <P>Is there USB 2.0 or only 1.1.?<P>I would like to connect devices by USB port by IDE Adpater. I would like to connect CDRW. But computer say that this device is too fast and there is problem with USBHcd ?<P>Pls. where I can find alll needed drivers.

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Re: Drivers for JETSON@home

Postby Juggernaut » Thu Dec 08, 2005 17:15

Right above this forum click "I would like to...", then " drivers"<P>There select PC -> Easy PC -> Your Jetson Model<P>As for USB, I doubt it has USB2, it is so old.<P>And please carefully read the message that windows gives. Normally it says something like "This device is faster than the USB port, it could get better performance on an faster port" - but it works OK anyway, only slower.


Re: Drivers for JETSON@home

Postby gacek » Thu Dec 08, 2005 20:40

Yes I know that.<P>But firstly. I have amd cpu and maind board with NVIDIa chipset.<BR>As I wrote I have JETSON@home. I`m going this way.<P>Personal computers >>> customer PC >>> Jetson@home >>> then there is a window in which I put my serial no. and aaccpet this. After that there is nothig show me. No drivers to download.<P>Mayby i`m blind Image, but I don`t see any drivers for AMD and NVIDA chipset.<P>regards gacek, Poland

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