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Removable Disk Drives

Postby Wyvern » Thu Dec 08, 2005 11:32

I have recently purchased a SCALEO P ix desktop PC. When I open up My Computer as well as the C, D and E drives it also tells me that I have removable drives E, F, G, H and I but they do not exist. I use an USB storeage device as my back-up medium when I plug it into one of the USB ports the PC calls it drive J.<P>There is an icon in the task tray that allows me to disconnect drives F to I all in one go, drive J when it is connected and also my USB cable modem.<P>I have two questions.<P>1. How do I remove drives F to I from the list of drives in My Computer, so that when I plug in my USB storeage device it will be drive F?<P>2. How do I remove 'USB cable modem' from the list of items that can be disconnected via the task bar icon so that it is not selected by mistake?

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