[U9200] No recovery after stand by

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[U9200] No recovery after stand by

Postby kaba1ah » Tue Nov 18, 2008 11:26

Hi list-

We experience a problem with our ESPRIMO Mobile U9200 not being able to recover after stand by. The laptop is powered by Windows XP Pro SP3 with all latest updates. As soon as it gets into stand by mode it's getting locked and couldn't wake up -- we would need to shut it down by pressing power button for several seconds, meaning that all open documents are lost.

I was following several threads here with the similar symptoms:

- Updating BIOS didn't help. It happens with the latest BIOS (v1.11) as well.
- There was some fix from Microsoft -- it doesn't work since the laptop is already running SP3.
- There was a tip by someone to disable Bit Capability in BIOS. I wasn't able to find this option in U9200.

Any further tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

PS: It looks like Vista users are not affected, at least I don't get complaints from them.

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