[v5535] needing restore disk

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[v5535] needing restore disk

Postby atarian » Fri Oct 31, 2008 12:21


latest update regarding service from fsc uk... well they basically told me that i've got to track a restore disk down myself... basically if the windoze pista was/has messed up then tough. as the chain i bought it from claimed they didnt want these disks in package and that the chain have there own method blah blah!

well the chain store i got it from had no knowledge of this and ssay "you should be able to create recovery" well like most manufacturers do, they wasnt aware you couldnt on mine.

so has anyone got a v5535 restore disk i can use.... 64-bit would be even better love to see how this performs under 64-bit. i will cover costs.

thanks in advance

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