Ps/2 Keyboard problem

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Ps/2 Keyboard problem

Postby GkS » Fri Sep 30, 2005 13:22

Hi there, a few days ago I bought a SCALEO P (Intel 3.2HT,1024mb RAM,AtiX600,SiS Chipset 965,Gigabyte Motherboard)and it's working perfectly. The problem I've encountered is with my old keyboard (MS Internet Keyboard PS/2) that I've decided to keep cause I like it better than the one the SCALEO had.<BR>The keyboard works ok, but when I press it's buttons it drains all the CPU (3.2 HT)power causing temporarily freezes.It's almost impossible hearing music and typing at the same time, or playing a game using the keyboard.<BR>I've tried it all, drivers, buffers, nothing...same thing.On my old PC it's working fine without any drivers, and I believe it should be working with the new one too.<BR>Any Ideas?

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