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add/remove programs

Postby Black Tiger » Wed Aug 22, 2007 23:23

hi there

im having trobule removing stuff, im looking for programs to remove, and the change/remove buttons are missing??? i also have these odd few programs i aint got a clue what they are in there, which i can get rid off, i have a couple of programs duplicated, and some programs fully working which aint even in the add/remove programs list?!?!?! ive got a good sypware and anti-virus program.

there is very few programs which have the change/remove button by them, but i aint gotta clue how to sort on xp btw.


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Postby bubblegum » Sat Aug 25, 2007 17:25

I cannot think of a way to cure your problem. But if you download & install crap cleaner, that should show the programs you have installed. Then hopefully you could uninstall the ones you don't want.

Or, you could try running the application you don't want from the cd or dvd, this should give you an option to repair or remove it. Once removed, try reinstalling it.

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