[M440] Boot time increased after new PCI-e Card

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[M440] Boot time increased after new PCI-e Card

Postby cyberjogger » Fri May 25, 2007 14:13

My Celsius M440 Workstation under XP SP2 was originally built with an U320 LVD SCSI (AHA-29320-R Host Raid 0,1) card controller (2 SCSI drives) and SATA interfaces on mother board (no SATA drive installed).

This workstation worked very well until the last following upgrade:

I've just installed a Sonnet Tempo E4P Card, inserted in the PCI-E 4x slot, in order to plug an external “LaCie D2 quadro hard drive”, using an eSATA port.

From the Web Sonnet site, I downloaded the Tempo Serial ATA Family Driver for Windows XP, Version 4.1

Installation process worked fine and I could format the new device (NTFS mode)

But since this installation, the workstation boot time has dramatically increased: more precisely the boot process seems to be frozen (3 minutes and half), with the hard disk light on, before the ‘Adapter scan’ boot information appears at the screen bottom.

After that very long boot process, Windows screen appears and the workstation works fine

There is no system error diagnostic

The Sonnet card is referenced as: tempo SATA Gen 2 PCI Express Adapter under SCSI and RAID Ctl)

The BIOS SATA information remains what it was before this install.

As far as IRQs are concerned it seems there is no issue, even we can observe the following sharing:

IRQ 16 Intel(R) 955X PCI Express Root Port - 2775
IRQ 16 NVIDIA Quadro FX 1400 (inserted on the PCI-E 16 x port)
IRQ 16 Sonnet Tempo SATA Gen 2 PCI Express Adapter (inserted on the PCI-E 4 x port)
IRQ 16 Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet
IRQ 16 Intel(R) 82801GB PCI Express Root Port - 27E2

Do you have any idea to solve this performance issue? (I got in touch with the Sonnet support team, but except the IRQ sharing track they didn’t have any precise idea)

Many thanks in advance

Best regards
Celsius M440 Workstation

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