[V810] Vista

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[V810] Vista

Postby sooeze » Wed May 09, 2007 10:04

I’m using Celsius V810 with 2 amd opterons 248 on Windows X64. Serial number is YBMW001441, bought in Poland.

Recently I have bought Windows Vista Business 64 bit (no difference, I;m using 64 bit processors). However during install system refuses to install Vista, because ACPI problems.
I have read tones of manulas, I have downloaded newest firmware, I have checked bios settings and still nothing.

Recently I have contacted Polish support, they claimed that they are not suggesting using vista at all, and after I have found that in manulas Celsius v810 are vista ready, FSC in Poland said, that maybe is, but not for 64 bit version.

So idea is, that Celsius V810 is Vista capable, but is not. 64 bit version of Celsius is not capable of 64 bit Vista. But, you may think, howe the heel is possible, that almost identical mainboard, father and mother of siemens D1692 – I mean Tyan Thunder K8W is Vista X64 Capable (I have checked it in service)? Answer is easy. Tyan never stops developing new version of bios, FSC stopped before codename Vista was ever known.

I have only one question – whay can’t you make any update which fix issue of acpi with Vista X64 on 64 bit version of Celsius? Is there any solution from you?

Many people advise me if I have good support and sleep well, that I should throw away FSC mainboard and buy Tyan. Is it true? This is what I have to do to install Vista X64?

Is there anything what I can do?
Thanks for help,


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Re: [V810] Vista

Postby kevin4 » Thu Feb 26, 2009 18:40

Hello Peter,
Can I just check if you got any further with installing Vista on V810 ?

Any chance that you try to install latest BIOS driver from Tyan S2885 mobo on V810 instead to get Vista working ?

Let me know what do you think of my suggestion ...

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Re: [V810] Vista

Postby landdong » Tue Apr 28, 2009 4:06

actually if necessary to install, try to ask to you dealer of your vista computer :wink:

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