Celsius H240 Certification for Linux RedHat v4

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Celsius H240 Certification for Linux RedHat v4

Postby lbaia » Wed Feb 14, 2007 12:13


For an european project I'm working I need to purchase some laptops certified for Linux RedHat v4.

In the product brochure for the Celsius H240 laptop it is written that the laptop is certified for RedHat, but no version is mentioned.
In the RedHat website, the Celsius H230 (now discontinued) is mentioned as certified for v4, but no mention is made to the H240.

My client requests a confirmation of the certification status of the laptop before I can purchase.
I asked RedHat and the Fujitsu-Siemens vendor in Portugal, but so far I have not received any answer, and I'm getting pretty desperate on my schedule.

Does anyone here knows what is the certification status of this laptop?

Thanks in advance.

Luis Baia
Project Manager
Skysoft Portugal, SA

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