Synchronising N560 with Bluetooth

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Mike Austin
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Synchronising N560 with Bluetooth

Postby Mike Austin » Sat Feb 10, 2007 23:27

I know this problem has been discussed time and again, but I have searched many forums and have not come up with a successful solution to it. I am finding it very frustrating!

Has anyone here managed to synchronise their N560 with a PC via Bluetooth straight from the box without any special drivers, hacks etc? There must be people here who can do this! Where are they? And if nobody has done it this way, what have they done instead?

I have tried synchronising to a laptop with built in Bluetooth and to two desktop PCs with USB Bluetooth dongles (both of different manufacture with different drivers). None of them were successful.

I think there is a problem with the services that the N560 displays to the PC. I would expect to see a whole list of these, as I do with my Palm Tungsten T5 and Nokia 6280. All I see is the voice gateway - and who wants that?

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same feelings

Postby shimrob » Mon Feb 19, 2007 19:44

I was just about to post the same exact question.
I also have been trying to sync with bluetooth.
I wish that someone would come up with a solution.

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Loox 560 and networking by bluetooth

Postby lumex » Sun Feb 25, 2007 0:26


I tried many times with different drivers to synchronise my loox 560 with a Toshiba Tecra 9100 notebook. No chance & I gave up!:roll:

Connection with a mobile phone by Bluetooth was working very well without any f. problems.

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Postby Armabene » Thu May 31, 2007 22:29

It's really simple to sync by BT. :wink:
1. Add an incoming COM port in Your PDA.
2. Define by PDA a new partnership with Your PC BT.
3. Discover Your PDA BT services by using Your PC BT dongle software.
You'll find serial service available (thanks to the incoming COM port added on Your PDA).
4. So You'll be able to establish a serial connection by BT directly by the software of Your PC BT dongle. Do it.
5. You'll also notice Your dongle offers a COM port. Ok, You've to enable in PC ActiveSync the connection to this COM port offered by Your BT dongle.
5. Now edit on Your PDA the BT partnership and refresh the services.
You'll find ActiveSync in place of serial port service (on the PDA screen).
6. Enable-select ActiveSync service and click finish (by Your PDA).
7. Execute ActiveSync on Your PDA.
8. Click connection by bluetooth. Your PDA now will find there is already a BT partnership with activeSync service enabled.
9. You're ready to use ActiveSync by BT :wink:

I hope it helps.

Best Regards!

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