PC4-NC Laptop, AC adapter connector pin assignment ?

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PC4-NC Laptop, AC adapter connector pin assignment ?

Postby Dix » Mon Jan 15, 2007 15:58



What is the pin assignment of Siemens Nixdorf PC4-NC AC Adapter ?
It has 4 pins and metal ring.
The Simenens book tells you VA,VB, MCHG, GND which is not helpful.
What are the voltages per pin ?
The adapter model is ASD-SK4CP.

The NiMh- battery has 4 contacts but only 3 labels: +, T, -.
T beeing thermistor probably, but which one ? what is - ?

Who sells an AC adapter ?

Thanks, Dieter

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Postby nraedts » Tue Jan 16, 2007 9:54

Hello Dieter,

I can't awnser your question about the adapter, but i can awnser the question about how your batty works:

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Postby Dix » Wed Jan 17, 2007 10:42

Hello nraedts,

Thank you.

Does that apply to NiMH batteries in general or to the one in question (AHM14423009)?

101000100 looks like SPI/I2C interface which was rare at the time, when the laptop was build(ca. 1990).

There is 50K Ohms between one T and -, no resistance or (protection-)diode between the 3rd terminal and -.

Here is how the battery looks like:
/...................... \\
| O + O T O - O |
O= Terminal
Labels: +,T,-

50K is measure between the 3. Terminal and -.
No resistance betwee the 2nd Terminal and all others.
I would expect a bulk diode from a SPI/I2C driver transistor.

Do Siemens engineers show up at all in these forums or is it left to the users ?

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