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BatteryTool - Liteline 425

Postby nraedts » Thu Jan 11, 2007 22:37


I wanted to use the old notebook of my father.
He always used the AC Adapter.
The battery seems fully charged but after 2 or 3 minutes the system just shuts down and doesnt want to boot from the battery.
Checking the Manual it seems there is a BatteryTool that calibrates the battery.
But i can't find the support cd anywhere.
The website Kindly offers all of the drivers which came in quite handy when i reinstalled the notebook but it doesnt offer the battery tool.

My question:
How do i get the battery tool?

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Postby Bluehair » Fri Jan 12, 2007 11:34


Depending on how old is your battery, it may be just dead. Even though a battery is scarcely used, it inevitably wears out with time. Besides, it is advised to always keep a battery semi-charged because there's a circuit in it that does need/use a bit of energy.

I suggest you download this tool and check how much capacity is left in yours. Watch the line "full charge capacity" in particular and compare it with the design capacity that is printed on it. This will give you an indication about its wearing level.

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Postby nraedts » Fri Jan 12, 2007 14:35

Design Capacity: 36720 mWh (3672 mAh)
Full charge capacity: 4773 mWh (477 mAh)
Current capacity: 4773 mWh (477 mAh)

When i eject the battery and place it back it reads:
Full charge capacity: 4773 mWh (1591mAh)

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Postby nraedts » Sat Jan 13, 2007 16:25

After reading this:
When the battery is being charged, it will compare the total amount of charge it received with the number (indicating the max. charge) stored inside the battery to determine the percentage of charge it is holding (gauge). It will also transfer the information via SMBus to the notebook, so that the information can be shown on the LCD window. After certain uses (or simply aging), the total charge battery can hold will reduce, but the battery doesn’t know it until the max. charge number stored inside the battery is reset. To automatically reset the max. charge number in the battery, you can run battery learning software (downloadable from the manufacturer’s website). After the learning cycle, battery will function just like a new one. It will also correct the problem such as: after totally discharging the battery, notebook will not charge it unless using Radio Shack charger to charge it first.

I am convinced the battery tool will help me.

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