RX100S2 as firewall: can't route IPMI/Lan Packets


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RX100S2 as firewall: can't route IPMI/Lan Packets

Postby mabene » Tue Jan 02, 2007 17:42

I'm using an RX100S2 Box as a firewall (running linux). I've now run into a problem trying to access some other RX100S2 and S3 Boxes behind this Firewall using RemoteView/Lan.

* IPMI Services behind the firewall are unreachable for traffic coming in via LAN0 interface (the interface shared with local BMC)

* access works for requests coming in via the 2nd interface.

* access works when booting the harddisks on different (non-fujitsu) hardware.

* when trying to access UDP port 623 on systems behind this firewall, no packets are visible to the operating system on the firewall (packet counters don't increase, nothing visible to tcpdump.

So far it looks like any traffic for UDP port 623 gets routed to the BMC on the firewall regardless of IP address configured for the BMC on the firewall - does anyone have expericenc with a similar setup and can confirum or disprove this suspicion?

For the Record: BMC Firmware is at version 4.08.020d0043

Thanks, Martin

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