AMILO PRO V2020 problems

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AMILO PRO V2020 problems

Postby angelaki » Tue Feb 28, 2006 0:21

Hi , i am new to this forum, and after going through it i found that i could get some answers from my problems. i have an amilo pro v2020 and i am not pleased with it. i've had continuous problems. the most important is with the screen. its blacks out. on its own, when i open my laptop even when i move it. the strange thing is that when i gave it to tech support they changed my screen put a new one in, and it still does the same thing!!!
i even have wireless connection problems when i change countries ( i study abroad) and i have a keyboard problem, some keys have to be pressed 2 or 3 times in order to work.
and the funny thing is that i only have my laptop for 10 months (the screen problem started about 4 months before i went it to tech support a month ago)

Can you give me some suggestions in how to fix this problem? tnx a million!

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