Amilo Pro 2045 - heating problem 82oC (not Fahreneit !!!)

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Amilo Pro 2045 - heating problem 82oC (not Fahreneit !!!)

Postby yvkucukd » Fri Feb 24, 2006 23:25

My laptop Amilo Pro 2045, when running after standard startup has temperatures: HD0:35oC Temp1: 52oC Temp2: 40oC
After loading some programs increasing CPU usage very rapidly (like SETI), temperatures observed are: HD0: 38oC temp1: 82oC temp2: 62oC. If I continue with additon of another application, then temp1 reaches 85oC and laptop shutsdown.
Is shutdown caused by high temperature?
If yes how can I fix this?
Temperature observed via "speedfan v.4.28". The problem is, even if I stop all running applications temps do not go down but maintain their (almost) highest levels. I am not complaining about fan noise, just trying to fix heat problem. Anybody who can help me on this?


Postby Abd_nimer » Sun Feb 26, 2006 23:50

is the fan still running all the time? on the high speed?
is there any effect in the performance? make sure of ur program.


Postby zifirr » Mon Feb 27, 2006 11:15

yes i have the same problem too.
i want to tell something i used a vacuum cleaner on the fan without opening the notebook (no power)
then temp1 which means cpu temperature decreased to between 60 and 66
but i think this is still not good.

and i want to add that the fan is not working all time
for example i open computer after 10 hours. i look at the temparature it shows 45. then i open winamp then fan starts to work for a while.

after 5 6 hours cpu temperature shows 65 70.
i test my friend's machine which is same as mine (2045)
his machine start with 35
then it does not increase as much as mine

if anybody can help i will be very glad



Postby yvkucukd » Mon Feb 27, 2006 19:13

Abd_nimer wrote:is the fan still running all the time? on the high speed?
is there any effect in the performance? make sure of ur program.

fan runs as soon as I start laptop and runs throughout the session, with minor changes on the speed. Though I can not monitor the speed (I couldn't locate a free monitoring program for laptops, this is why I am a little suspicious with "speedfan" program which shows HD0i, Temp1, Temp2 designated temperatures). Performance doesn't change except that laptop shots down without any warning, all of a sudden.. This actually pushed me to investigate whether heating is the cause of shut down.

Comparing laptops, I have a Dell Latitude 600 at work with 80% less fan noise and with no shut down anytime. Dell (similar configuration) is much more loaded with multiple "complicated" programs vs. few programs load on Amilo Pro. I have also tried use it lifted up few cm. from the desk surface while I work to enhance ventilation but no change. My monitoring program may not work 100% but seeing temp1 increasing rapidly when I start a memory/cpu eating program confirms it works in a way.

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