cpu temp and "throttling"

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R Greatorex

cpu temp and "throttling"

Postby R Greatorex » Wed Sep 28, 2005 23:41

Case: Scaleo T<BR>Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-8I848<BR>CPU: Intel P4 3.4GHz + intel boxed cooler<P>Scenario 1: Cpu intensive application (not utilizing HT, so only 50% cpu usage, cpu temp cycles between 68-71C. CPU performance rating 115.<P>Scenario 2: Application as above, but 80mm exaust fan fitted to rear of case, cpu temp now rises to 74C. CPU performance rating 162.<P>Problem solved? Not quite, the cpu is still close to its maximum permitted temp, and cpu performance figure slowly falls back to 159. This suggests that this machine as supplied has totally inadequate cooling, and that with the additional cooling fan, there is still some performance degradation. Obviously those applications utilizing HT (100% cpu usage) will suffer further decrease in performance.<P>What further cooling measures should I take, considering that I do not want to violate the three year service warranty, and that the supplied psu is only rated 200W. :confused::confused:

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