dvd-/+rw DL does not work?!

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dvd-/+rw DL does not work?!

Postby miranda6 » Sat Sep 24, 2005 19:29

since january 2005 I have a scaleo with a dvd-/+rw DL. I now try to copy a dvd which I saved on my harddisc in case the original dvd got damaged(kids).<BR>I have bought imation dvd+r DL. However the burning-program nero does not recognize this dvd. It says that I didn't insert a disc. On the disc it is mentioned that I should upgrade the DL-recorder with the latest firmware-version. I have surfed on the internet on different sites but I cannot find the correct download for this recorder. I see lots of downloads but I am not an expert so i don't know which one to choose.<BR>Has anyone else have had this problem also? If yes, what have you done to solve it?<BR>regards, miranda

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