[Scaleo P] Graphics Card Problems


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[Scaleo P] Graphics Card Problems

Postby darren07r » Thu May 31, 2007 21:29

hi there, i have a scaleo p system with an ati radeon x700se 256mb graphics card. i play a lot of games, and most of the time the system copes well. recently, however, a large number of my games stopped working, and i have now discovered that in device manager, i have two graphics card stubs, both reading secondary. this may be the problem, and i am trying to find out how i can change the card back to primary, or is this not possible? im pretty sure that this is the problem, because all of my games worked fine when the graphics card stub was set to secondary. any help would be much appreciated.

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Postby Demokritos » Mon Jun 11, 2007 15:52

I'm not sure how to solve your problem, but if you deactivate one of those "secondary" graphic card stubs (by right-clicking on it, selecting "properties" and changing the setting at the low end of the box there from "activate" to "deactivate") in the device manager, shouldn't the remaining one turn primary automatically then? Or at least remove any possibility for conflicting commands? Mind which one you choose to deactivate, however.
I take it that the two stubs come from your graphics card standing for the one stub and your onboard graphics standing for the other. If this is true, it might be interesting to know that, when I only had onboard graphics to drive my software, many of the new games I bought didn't start up at all. But when I installed a separate (7600 GT) graphics card in the machine, all games started to work (with a lot more eye candy as well). From this I suspect that your machine somehow has begun to use its onboard graphics to drive games which used to be driven by your graphics card. If that's the case, maybe you need reinstall the whole OS and software package to get things back as they were on your machine. This procedure usually takes care of my tricky problems. This is a time-consuming process, however, and if you do it, be sure to backup all files you want to keep and cannot replace on a separate medium beforehand.

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Graphics Card Problems

Postby snailspace7 » Mon Jun 11, 2007 16:52

Download the latest drivers & version of Catalyst Control Centre from ATI and save the file to desktop. Uninstall the existing graphics drivers & ATI software & deactivate both graphics stubs. Restart your PC & the system should re-detect your ATI card. You can then install the new ATI drivers & software & all should hopefully be back to normal.
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