[Scaleo P] Vista upgrage nero problem


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[Scaleo P] Vista upgrage nero problem

Postby cocoman » Thu May 10, 2007 17:28

Hi, I Bought a Scaleo P at the end of last year with the knowledge that I would get a free upgrade to Vista when it came out.

Little did I know that Nero 6 which came bundled with the Scaleo does not work with Vista. I feel like I've been let down here as I was never warned.

Does anyone know if there are procedures in place for other users like me to get a free version 0f Nero 7? Also does anyone know if there is a customer service email address? All I can find are phone numbers and I can't be bothered hanging on the line for hours waiting for a response.

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Postby Mike_26 » Thu May 10, 2007 19:27

If you ran the Vista Upgrade Advisor before you installed then it should've told you that Nero 6 would not work under Windows Vista.

However you may find that if you click on more detail when you get the error then the fault is msa.dll. If you download this from
here: http://www.olinformatique.com/dll-ocx-vxd/files/msa.dll.php and then put the unzipped .dll file in: C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Ahead\\AudioPlugins then Nero 6 might work.
Well it did for me anyway.

Hope that helped.

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