weird motherboard !?

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weird motherboard !?

Postby marcelmuresan » Tue Jan 23, 2007 20:50

Hi everybody.
I have re-installed an XP Windows on my pc and my video device, sound device and network device are not installed. All tree devices are on the motherboard and i could not find a driver for that.
On the motherboard i have found: Fujitsu-Siemens, w26361-w52-x-01;
MT30D1386; prod no 0015073; serial no 103711.
on the paper label in the interior of the pc:
D1387/D1386 system board;
I have tried to get the serial number with the soft from the F-S page but he says "not available.
Could someone help me ?

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Postby bubblegum » Tue Jan 23, 2007 22:01

If you download belarc that will tell you a lot of info about your pc. Perhaps that will shed some light.

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Postby jingo2000 » Wed Jan 24, 2007 10:11

Download this and run

It will tell you if and what the serial Number is

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Postby olshevch » Wed Jan 24, 2007 10:57

I think, you have D1386 motherboard, according to your data.
Go to downloads, select Acessories -> Mainboards -> D13xx -> D1386
Then select "Audio (on board)" and "Show operating system without support" + "Windows XP" on categories screen. Press 'Go' button and you will be displayed some of driver downloads. For ex., ... 1CE385A5BF

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Postby marcelmuresan » Wed Jan 24, 2007 21:25

I have choice the simplyest solution. Thanks "olshevch". It was easy. Thanks again.

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