Amilo Pro, Memory modules, anyone indoubt ?

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Amilo Pro, Memory modules, anyone indoubt ?

Postby Peter_Rosenberg » Mon Dec 25, 2006 19:38

Hi there,
Bought an AMILO Pro V3205 for my daughter.
Found this statement in the EasyGuide manual:
Do only use ... : 256 MB-, 512 MBmodules
and 1-GB-modules DDR2-533 SO DIMM (PC2-4200) or DDR2-667 SO DIMM (PC2-5300).

I then bought an 1 GB module DDR2-667, to be added as the second block to the existing 512MB module.
Notebook wouldn't boot !
Removed the original 512MB module. Notebook wouldn't boot !
Inserted the original 512MB module and removed the new module. Notebook booted fine.
Ergo, I cannot use the 1GB ram I bought !
Then I found this statement, in the 3 pages DataSheet for Amilo Pro:
DDR2-533 SDRAM, 533 MHz

So now I need to have someone out there to confirm:
Are the DDR2-533 ram the right one ?
If yes, then someone at FSC needs to re-phrase the satement in the EasyGuide, to avoid users getting into the same :oops: problem as myself :!:

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Postby kwaq » Mon Dec 25, 2006 22:02

If you bought it in shop, then ask for another module - maybe this one is faulty. If also nothing, you'll have to exchange it for that specific 533 one.
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