still in mourning for the hardrive

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still in mourning for the hardrive

Postby steveblu » Fri Dec 01, 2006 20:19

thanks for the reply bubblegum ihave tried everyway to format i get as far as accepting the licence agreement with win xp then i get error unrecoverable volume error windows has shut down to protect your pc the reason ithink the hardrive has died is i was told by fujitsu support but im confused i thought there were 4 drives on my pc the support stated i need new drive which is seagate 200gb £110 plus vat plus delivery but they were out of stockalso in my bios all the drive listings are empty?you know really its so hard to know what to do i paid £550 18 mths ago just for the tower saved really hard to get it so dissapointed with fujitsu i was told really good pcs im about to throw the thing in the bin other people tell me "you need boot disk" but i dont have floppy drive i was also told i had agood spec pc athlon 3500+ 512 ram sorry to moan but tottally fed up wiyh fujitsu thanks anyway for the reply

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